JavaScript 穩定之後,然後呢?


Alexander Khovansky


Frontend developer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, living and working in Tokyo. React is a frontend tool of choice. When not writing JS, I am reverse engineering things, hunting for bug bounty or tinkering with shaders.


Ashi is a visual poet who has been telling stories for over thirteen billion years. She has been a rapidly expanding quark-gluon plasma, a world-spanning ocean, various invertebrates, and, more recently, a teacher, a coder, and a writer. Her work focuses on the interface between complex systems and subjective experience. She is still learning to regard every moment, and the creatures within them, with love.

Carlos Rufo

GraphQL Hong Kong

Carlos is a passionate developer and speaker aficionado. While he codes with different B/FE techs, his go-to for every project is his crush: GraphQL. He is very active in the GraphQL ecosystem where he has collaborated with across numerous internal & external projects, such as SpaceX GraphQL API and recently, organizing GraphQL Hong Kong.



    2012年從 IBM 加入淘寶,曾負責淘寶前端數據產品和創新技術產品團隊,後負責 Node.js 基礎架構團隊,並擔任阿里巴巴前端委員會 Node.js 方向負責人。推動 Node.js 應用的穩定性治理,推動無服務器技術落地前端場景。同時也是節點地下鐵線下沙龍創始人。

    David Khourshid


    David Khourshid is a Microsoft software engineer with a passion for innovative user interfaces, animations, software modeling, and cutting-edge front-end technologies. He's the creator of XState, a library that brings state machines and statecharts to the modern web and enables app logic to be visualized, simulated, tested, analyzed, and more. He's also half of the Keyframers, a weekly coding live-stream where imaginative user interfaces are brought to life. When not speaking around the world or coding behind a laptop keyboard, he's usually behind a piano keyboard.

    dexteryy 楊揚


    06年之前是中國最大 D&D / TRPG 資料站「最深的地下城」的站長,美漫漢化組創始人和網站設計師,此後一直是 JS Hacker 和 Web App 開發者(開發+設計+產品)。先後在土豆網,豆瓣,Flipboard,引人注目的負責 JS 基礎工程和創新產品,最喜歡的產品有 2D 虛擬世界社區「阿爾法城」,全球最快的 EOS 區塊鏈瀏覽器 eosx.io。一直努力推動 JS 技術和 Web 開發技術的演進,為此做過 OzJS,DarkDOM / CardKit,WebCube,“現代 Web 開發咒語大全”等開源項目,目前在字節跳動負責 Web Dev Engine 方向,打造下一代框架和工具產品。

    Erik Rasmussen

    American expat JavaScript developer in Spain, author of Redux Form and React Final Form.

    Jan-Niklas Wortmann

    E.ON SE

    Jan-Niklas Wortmann is an IT consultant mostly working on Angular projects. He helps companies in designing and implementing large scaled applications. Developing clean and maintainable code is one of his main goals. Additionally, Jan-Niklas is a member of the RxJS Core Team targeting the developer experience by improving the docs. Besides he organizes the NgNiederrhein Meetup.


    LINE Fukuoka

    前 KKBOX Video Department 到 KKTV 早期網頁版的唯一開發者。現居福岡,持續著上班前去衝浪的興趣




    Maya Shavin


    Maya is a Senior Frontend Developer @Cloudinary, founder and organiser of VueJS Israel, core maintainer of StorefrontUI and blogger on Frontend Weekly and Ultimate Courses where she mainly writes articles about JavaScript tutorials and good practices. She has been developing web apps with Angular, VueJS and recently ReactJS. She loves to learn and experiment with new framework, while believing that a strong Vanilla JavaScript knowledge is necessary for being a good web developer. When not coding, she enjoys traveling, reading manga, and sketching.



    A frontend engineer who does sports and philosophy.


    YodaOS Project

    吞吞/ @ legendecas /語言愛好者/喜歡貓/不救公主只顧瞎逛炸魚/ Node.js Core 貢獻者

    黃慈霖 Tzu-Lin Huang

    LINE Fukuoka

    誤打誤撞在完全不會日文的狀況下來到日本福岡工作的台灣人 (絶賛勉強中)

    Vladimir Mutafov


    Vladimir Mutafov is a software engineer on the NativeScript team at Progress Software. He's working on the NativeScript Android Runtime which provides all the high-performant JS to Java communication support.



    Rokid 研發工程師,開源愛好者,Node.js Collaborator,ShadowNode 作者,目前主攻:Node.js 在 AIoT 領域的應用,並負責 YodaOS 的社區推廣工作。五年 JavaScript 開發經驗,曾就職於:SeedMail,Pixbi,阿里巴巴,目前就職於 Rokid 基礎平台研發中心,主要工作方向為基於 JavaScript 的物聯網操作系統。近年來參與並負責 YodaOS 項目,將 IoT 和 AI 能力開放給 Node.js 社區,並實現了 Node.js 在 IoT 場景的產品級落地。同時也是 Node.js Collaborator,ShadowNode 和 TensorFlow-Node.js 作者,開源發燒友,目前給 60 個開源項目貢獻過代碼。



    JavaScript 新技術的入門與導入




    傲嬌的開放原始碼開發者,曾為 LXDE 核心開發者,醉心於系統程式、Linux 核心、桌面應用程式及各類 Web技術,時而公開貢獻各種開發成果或心得於網路上。也是一個打不死的創業者,這些年陸續參與許多團隊與創業計畫,接觸過各類 App 開發、線上服務、遊戲開發甚至是區塊鏈技術,現在投入金融領域的 IT 技術解決方案。過去曾協助各種社群活動,並成立黑客松台灣以推廣黑客松文化,也協助企業組織推動內部創新革命和開放分享精神。


    Google Taiwan

    現任 Google Taiwan - Assistant Mobile Solutions Consultant (Temp),致力於推廣 Mobile Web 相關技術,包括 Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP), Progressive Web App (PWA), User Experience (UX) 與 web optimization 等。平面設計出身,4 年網頁設計與開發經歷。咖啡成癮的貓奴,喜歡撞球和小酌。


    Vue.js Taiwan

    Vue.js Taiwan 雜工


    Verizon Media

    Sam Lee (山姆大叔)


    熱衷於前後端的技術, 希望 Javascript 統一天下

    Will 保哥


    現任多奇數位創意有限公司技術總監。2019 榮獲 Microsoft Regional Director (RD)、2018 年榮獲 Angular/Web GDE (Google Developer Expert) 開發專家。連續 12 度當選微軟最有價值專家 (Developer Technologies)。熟悉 Web 開發技術、網站效能調校、.NET/C# 開發技術、SQL Server 資料庫開發、Docker 與 Kubernetes。曾擔任 Visual Studio 2010 上市發表會講師、MSDN 講座講師、TechDays Taiwan 2010~2015 講師、TechEd China 2011, 2013 講師,出版著作有 ASP.NET MVC 2 開發實戰、Windows Phone 開發實戰、ASP.NET MVC 4 開發實戰等書籍。2013 年曾獲選第 6 屆iT邦幫忙鐵人賽年度大獎與開發技術組年度鐵人。